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Web Site Optimisation/Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Even the most informative and visually exciting web sites in the world will fail if they are not receiving sufficient visitors of the right calibre. The majority of visitors will find your site by visiting one of the recognised search engines – therefore it is in your interests to know what your potential clients enter into the search boxes when they are looking for information.

The words that appear in your page headlines and body text (key words) will greatly influence how the search engines will rate your site. If the wording is irrelevant to the subject of your site, you will not appear prominently in the search engine page listings and therefore your site will receive few if any ‘hits’.

Web site and search engine optimisation has become a complicated science governed by rules that can be difficult to understand and are constantly changing. In the past ethics have been broken by web designers who have tried to influence the search engines unfairly. This has forced the most popular search engines; Google and Yahoo, to monitor web site content to ensure that it remains ethical and fair.

Web site and search engine optimisation has become a very specialist industry that requires expert knowledge to be effective. Over the years we have established a specialist department specifically to help our clients improve their web ratings.

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